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Pure Data (.pd) files


Solipse evolved from the patch I used for my installation at the 2013 Soundwalk in Long Beach, CA.

The installation emphasized the uniqueness and solitariness of human experience. A "listening station," where participant listens to computer-generated sounds. Headphone movement was tracked with a sensor so that the sound changed for each listener. The sounds were unique and complex enough that it was impossible for one participant to communicate to another exactly what was heard, so that participants would be moved to attempt to communicate about and discuss their listening experiences, only to find that they failed.

This version makes noise music like this.


Load a song into this PD patch to add matrix-controlled drums.


JPEGs made from raw data using this PD patch. Check out more examples on Instagram.


This was used to create a collection of ringtones inspired by extinct bird species. You can download the PD patch here. You can download the ringtones here.


An instrumental pop music machine for Android tablets.

Download it here.

Requires PdDroidParty (available here).

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